Twitch streamer Amouranth alleges being domestically abused by her husband


Content warning: this article discusses domestic abuse.

During a stream on Twitch in the early hours of Sunday morning (October 16), Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa appeared emotional as she spoke on loudspeaker to a person alleged to be her husband.

As seen by Hunter Grooms, Siragusa went on to allege that her husband controls her finances and pushes her to stream more than she wants to. It is also claimed that her husband additionally threatened to kill her dogs.

In a series of videos shared directly from her Twitch stream, Siragusa is heard talking on loudspeaker with a male voice alleged to be her husband. She questioned why he threatened to kill her dogs and the male voice paused for a long while before demanding that she leave the house. He continued to call her a liar and denied the threats to kill her dogs.

After the call ended, Siragusa described the way her husband took control over her finances and alleges that he threatened to leave her with “only $1million” and take the rest or “burn it in court” and “put it all in crypto”. During an earlier interview with Kotaku, it is said that Amouranth earns a net income of almost £1.5millon ($1.7million) a month from her OnlyFans, Patreon and Twitch accounts amongst other business ventures.

During the stream, Siragusa said, “It’s all two-factored [authentication] under his number, and he has all the login information and things.” She then said, “It’s like [he] keeps you there with the fear and the threats, and that fear that you’re going to do something to your animals and then he’s nice again.”

In another video, Siragusa discusses a conversation with a therapist who she says described her relationship as “a form of psychological abuse” as well as “a fancy prison” to her husband, which apparently improved his behaviour for a while until the “hot tub meta” arose. “Then he turned into an asshole again,” said Siragusa, after she said that she agreed to do hot tub streams as it was a “financial opportunity”.

Siragusa claims she has suggested letting people know she is married to her husband before, and that she thinks that their “relationship would be better” as she doesn’t think they would be “fighting all the time”. She then said that her husband apparently disagreed as he believed it would “ruin the business model” if people knew she was married.

A tearful Siragusa then showed text messages alleged to be from her husband which insult her, calling her a “dumb fuck” before asking her to take a call from him. When she doesn’t respond, the texts proceed to say things such as, “I’m about to dump your luggage,” and “I’m about to delete Twitter in 30 seconds if no call”.

According to Dexerto, Siragusa’s close friend and fellow streamer Alinity claims she tried “reaching out” to Siragusa and couldn’t, so she asked the police to do a welfare check. “The police can’t tell me anything about whether or not she’s okay”.

The final moments of her stream contained a female voice checking on Siragusa and asking if she had taken her “meds” before the stream cut out abruptly. The video has not been saved to the Amouranth Twitch account unlike her other recent streams, and she has not yet posted to any other social media accounts.

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