‘The Playlist’ fans are saying Spotify biopic is “the best Netflix original in a while”

'The Playlist' still

Viewers of the new Netflix miniseries The Playlist have heaped praise on the series.

The six-episode docu-drama, which was released on the streaming site last week, charts the rise of Spotify in a “fictionalised” account, following co-founder Daniel Ek and the idea to start a music streaming platform amid piracy in the music industry.

“I’m convinced that The Playlist on @netflix is the best original I have seen on the platform in a while,” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

Another said: “Don’t sleep on #ThePlaylist on @netflix. It is honestly one of the best limited series I have watched in a long time and gives you a great insight into the workings of the music industry and streaming business.”

“THE PLAYLIST on Netflix — a dramatisation of the founding of Spotify — is pretty great. Not sure why more people aren’t talking about it,” a third wrote, adding that “it’s a fairly gripping and critical take on Spotify. The branding of the show makes it seem like it might be authorised propaganda, but it isn’t.”

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Critics were also largely glowing about the show, with TechRadar labelling it “2022’s best drama”, adding: “The scripts are sharp, pacy, funny and cleverly structured to provide each key player in the story with a voice. The performances are great without straying into bluster or scenery chewing, and there’s a constant motion in the narrative that keeps you utterly captivated. Do not skip this one.”

The Guardian said The Playlist is “a worthy exercise about how much the tech industry loves to corrupt good intentions”, quipping: “I can’t wait for the series Netflix makes about itself”.

The Swedish series is based on the book Spotify Untold by Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud, and stars Edvin Endre and Christian Hillborg as Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, respectively, alongside Gizem Erdogan as Petra Hansson and Ulf Stenberg as Per Sundin.

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