Meghan McCain Slams Kanye West’s ‘Pathetic’ Republican Supporters Following Rapper’s Anti-Semitic Posts

Days after Kanye West sparked public outrage for his decision to model “White Lives Matter” shirts at Paris Fashion Week, the rapper-turned-designer took his extremist opinions a step further by tweeting anti-Semitic sentiments over the weekend. And while many GOP members have maintained their support of Ye in spite of his recent hate speech, conservative TV personality Meghan McCain was quick to denounce both him and the other members of her political party who are turning a blind eye to his dangerous rhetoric.

Ye’s comments were were removed from his social media accounts, and resulted in the musician being temporarily restricted from using both Twitter and Instagram.


McCain — daughter of late Republican senator John McCain — took to Instagram Sunday (Oct. 9) to share her disgust with the 24-time Grammy winner. “A reminder – antisemitic hate crimes are at their highest levels in America in decades,” she wrote, captioning a screenshot of West’s tweet. “Antisemitic language, rhetoric and statements have become common place in American media, politics and pop culture.”

“It is now normal to hear casual antisemitic comments from sitting members of congress, media hosts, pop culture figures etc.,” she continued. “It is a cancer and it is everywhere. It is an existential threat to American life and our Jewish friends and family both in our country and outside of it.”

The controversy follows Kanye’s racist “White Lives Matter” fashion statement at the Oct. 3 Yeezy runway show, as well as his subsequent targeted Instagram posts aimed at fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber and John Legend. Though the situation earned Ye an onslaught of criticism from fellow celebrities, activists and fashion experts, it also brought him support from Republicans, who’ve largely praised the rapper ever since he publicly endorsed President Donald Trump in 2016.

One of them, Candace Owens, actually posed in a photo with Ye wearing a “WLM” shirt of her own, and the GOP’s official House Judiciary Twitter account posted a tweet reading, “Kanye. Elon. Trump,” something also criticized by McCain, who replied “Take this down now. Idiots.”

“I have zero tolerance for this s–t. Zero,” McCain added in her most Instagram post about Kanye. “This is poison and yet another example why this man and his behavior are trash. Conservatives always claim to hate celebrity but jump and get excited like a teenage girl at a Harry Styles concert any time any of them show our side attention.”

“It is pathetic, we are supposed to be anti celebrity and for the average working men and women – but I guess that went out the window years ago,” the Bad Republican author concluded. “This man is no icon, he has no wisdom I care to hear. Do not look the other way from this statement – it is the public hatred of Judaism and Jews and full fucking stop there is NO place for this anywhere.”

See Meghan McCain’s post condemning Kanye West and calling out her fellow conservatives below:

Hannah Dailey