Harry Styles & Lizzo Bring Their Sweet Friendship to Chicago

Harry Styles and Lizzo‘s tours both brought them to Chicago this weekend, leaving them with the perfect opportunity to reconnect in person.

Lizzo attended Styles’ Love On Tour Saturday night (Oct. 15) and spent some time hand-in-hand with her friend backstage. She shared a couple photos of their happy meeting on Twitter on Sunday — with both artists showing off gleeful grins.

“I had so much fun w Harry yesterday,” she tweeted with emojis.

Styles performed at the city’s United Center, where Lizzo would be returning to headline her own concert on The Special Tour Sunday night.

“ALL THE RUMORS ARE TRUE, YEAH! @Lizzo and Harry Styles were under one roof here at Harry’s House in Chicago,” the venue posted.

The first glimpse at the pair’s wholesome friendship started back in 2019, when Styles visited the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and covered Lizzo’s smash hit “Juice.” “She’s exactly what you want an artist to be… which is yourself,” he said in the interview.

See Styles and Lizzo’s latest adorable photos together on Twitter.

Ashley Iasimone