Wiz Khalifa says he’d go head-to-head with Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi in a ‘VERZUZ’ battle

Wiz Khalifa (Paras Griffin via Getty Images) + Lil Wayne (Jerritt Clark via Getty Images) + Kid Cudi (Kevin Mazur via Getty Images)

Wiz Khalifa (aka Cameron Thomaz) has named his two dream opponents in a hypothetical VERZUZ battle: Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi.

The topic was raised in an interview between Thomaz and DJ Superstar Jay, where the two spoke at length about the former’s new album ‘Multiverse’. 

Asked who he would take the stage with for “a fun VERZUZ”, Thomaz answered: “Wayne – I think that would be really fun. Because Wayne’s a really dope performer, so it’s like, me and him going back and forth, performing bangers – that shit would be hard. And we both smoke hella weed. I think that would be more like a concert than a VERZUZ.”

Thomaz also cited Cudi as a potential opponent, noting: “He’s somebody who is like me… We’ve got a multifaceted audience, and then he’s got some classic, like, core stuff – the same way that I do.”

Have a look at the interview (with topic of VERZUZ coming up around 14 minutes in) below:

‘Multiverse’ – Thomaz’ seventh solo album as Wiz Khalifa – was released back in July via Taylor Gang and Asylum. It arrived as the formal follow-up to his 2018 album, ‘Rolling Papers 2’, however the rapper has dropped a slew of collaborative albums, EPs and mixtapes over the four-year break between them. 

2019 saw him drop the ‘2009’ album with Curren$y, and the mixtape ‘Fly Times, Vol.1: The Good Fly Young’, while the following year came with four EPs – ‘It’s Only Weed Bro’ in February, then ‘The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa’ in April, ‘3 Doobies’ in July and ‘Just A Regular Day in December’ – and the ‘Big Pimpin’ mixtape.

2021 was another hectic year for Thomaz: in addition to the ‘Taylor Cinema’ EP, he linked up with Sledgren and Cardo for the album ‘Wiz Got Wings’, DJ DaddyKat for the ‘#FUCC2020’ mixtape, and both DJ DaddyKat and the wider Taylor Gang for the ‘Taylor Nights’ mixtape. 

Prior to releasing ‘Multiverse’ in July, his 2022 efforts included the ‘Stoner’s Night’ album with Juicy J, and ‘Full Court Press’ with Smoke DZA, Big K.R.I.T. and Girl Talk. He followed the album in October with ‘G Rage’ – another mixtape with Taylor Gang – and is set to drop a mixtape with PUFFINDANK, tentatively titled ‘Losin’ Weight’, sometime in the new year. 

Thomaz also made history in 2019 by releasing the first-ever song on an Oreo cookie, and kept active in the TV world with regular roles on Dickinson and Duncanville. His next film role will be in Spinning Gold, a movie based on the rise of Casablanca Records in the 1960s and ‘70s, where Thomaz will star as George Clinton.

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