What’s Your Favorite Harry Styles Music Video? Vote!

Harry Styles transforms into a tentacled, bearded sea creature in a fishy new music video for his latest single “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.”

The Harry’s House visual just might be the heartthrob’s most high-concept narrative yet, as he saves himself from the sushi chef’s knives by showing off his enviable pipes and becoming an amphibious lounge singer before, well, you just have to watch how the story ends.


While you’re contemplating making sushi out of Styles, we’ve been taking a stroll down the memory lane of his videography and want to know: Which of the singer’s solo videos do you love the absolute most?

Styles released only two music videos from his self-titled debut solo album back in 2017: the high-flying “Sign of the Times” and the elementary school food fight of “Kiwi” filled with kids, cupcakes and an adorable pack of puppies.

When it came time to introduce his sophomore album Fine Line, he opted for something more sensual in the touchy-feely nighttime party that played out in the “Lights Up” video. From there, he fell into hilarious, The Shape of Water-style love with a goldfish in “Adore You” and played a flooding piano in “Falling.”

The beachy “Watermelon Sugar” provided the perfect memories of summer for Harries around the world, and he later enlisted Phoebe Waller-Bridge to dance with him through the old-fashioned treatment for “Treat People With Kindness.”

So far, Styles’ most recent album has featured three music videos — that is, if you don’t count the one he made for just $300 on The Late Late Show With James Corden for album cut “Daylight.” Do you prefer the giant turntable of No. 1 hit “As It Was” or the magical pillow fort of “Late Night Talking”? Or perhaps you’re a fan of Harry as a sea monster with a golden voice.

Vote for your favorite Harry Styles music video in Billboard‘s poll below!

Glenn Rowley