Watch the chaotic trailer for ‘The White Lotus’ season two

The White Lotus season 2

HBO has released the official trailer for The White Lotus season 2 – check it out below.

The original The White Lotus was meant to be a standalone miniseries but following critical acclaim and high ratings, showrunner and writer Mike White has returned for another season.

Featuring almost an entirely new cast, The White Lotus season two swaps Hawaii for Sicily and stars F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli and Adam DiMarco as the Di Grasso family. There’s a new couple in Daphne and Cameron Babcock, played by Meghann Fahy and Theo James respectively, who are travelling with fellow couple Harper and Ethan Spiller, played by Aubrey Plaza and Will Sharpe.

As confirmed by Jennifer Coolidge back in March, her Tanya McQuoid makes a return alongside love interest Greg, played by Jon Gries.

The trailer sets up a variety of conflicts and a few unhappy endings. As Coolidge says at the start, “Whenever I stay at a White Lotus, I always have a memorable time. Always”. Check the trailer out below:

The White Lotus season 2 is due for release October 30 in America, with no UK release date announced as of yet.

Earlier this year, Coolidge confirmed that her spray tan for the upcoming season resulted in a visit to A&E following an allergic reaction.

The Emmy-award winner also said she felt typecast with “gold digger” roles before starring in The White Lotus.

Speaking to Vanity Fair in conversation with American Pie co-star Natasha Lyonne, Coolidge said: “I did these jobs that I felt like locked me into a certain perception. I was in this weird bubble for a really long time. And it just goes to show that you should really hold out and not just keep repeating yourself, but I was always desperate for the job. A lot of the time I was like, ‘I don’t know if I’ll ever have an offer again.’”

“Truly, except for a few fun little movie jobs like Austenland, it wasn’t until Mike White really gave me a part [in The White Lotus] where I was really playing something very different. Look, everything happens in its time, but there was this very long period of just repeating myself,” she continued.

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