Tara Jam Tackles Insomnia On Her New Single ‘MELATONIN’

Toronto based singer and songwriter TaraJam followed her last release ‘BR*K3N TELEPHONE’ with a brand new single titled ‘MELATONIN’.

On ‘MELATONIN’, Tara Jam takes a dive into Insomnia, the angst of knowing sleep is meant to happen but it doesn’t as your mind races in thought. ‘MELATONIN’ explores the cycle of consuming as many melatonin pills as you can trying to find rest in the night.

Tara Jam melodically contrasts both the beauty and darkness of the night, layering vocals over a synth based instrumental. The track’s most invigorating moment happens in the hook, as catchy vocals meld with a bass drop in the instrumental.

The new track was made in collaboration with SPVDE and EXHALE.

You can listen to Melatonin below & you can follow Tara Jam here.

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Peter Berry

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