‘Streets Of Rogue 2’ set for Early Access launch in 2023

The sequel to Streets Of Rogue has been revealed, with the open-world game coming to Early Access in 2023.

Taking influence from Grand Theft Auto and Stardew Valley, Streets Of Rogue 2 will feature a huge, persistent and seamless open world alongside new additions like vehicles, animals, building, crafting, farming as well as a faction and reputation system.

The upcoming sequel (published by tinyBuild) will also introduce a completely revamped character development, lots more quest variety and a day/night cycle with AI that follows a daily schedule. Developer Matt Dabrowski also promised that Streets Of Rogue 2 will feature “your wildest dreams. Streets of Rogue 2 is a game where anything can happen, and probably will!”

Streets Of Rogue 2 is currently looking at a 2023 release date, with the Early Access window set to last between one year and 30 months. The game will launch first for PC while Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox versions will follow “at some point” after. It’s available to wishlist on Steam now.

Streets Of Rogue 2. CREDIT: tinyBuild/Matt Dabrowski

The game will feature as many of the same character classes from Streets Of Rogue that Dabrowski “can cram in”. It will also support four-player split-screen local and online play.

Speaking about the differences between Streets Of Rogue 2 and the original game, Dabrowski explained: “First and foremost, the game isn’t so much a rogue-lite as it is a procedurally generated open-world game. Structurally, it’s completely different. ”

“Rather than progressing level-to-level and starting you from scratch when you die, the game operates as an open world where your character becomes more powerful in a variety of ways as you progress,” he continued. “Activities that you can engage in are much more varied. The game also includes a number of other additions, ranging from cars to animals to diagonal walls. My hope is that SOR2 will not ‘replace’ the original game, but rather it will be different enough that they can coexist and scratch different itches that you may be having.”

Despite the confirmation of this new title, Streets Of Rogue 1 ”will continue to receive bug/balance/quality-of-life updates.”

Last year, tinyBuild purchased Dabrowski’s one-man studio Doghelm in a deal worth an estimated £4.5million ($6.5million) over the next three years, if certain goals are met.

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