Rockstar bans NFTs from ‘GTA Online’ roleplay servers

GTA Online

GTA Online creator Rockstar has issued a statement outlining a number of things that it will no longer allow in the game’s roleplay servers, including the use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The statement was made via the developer’s support page, in which Rockstar announced that while it supports “reasonable fan creativity” within the game, the studio ultimately has limits as to what it will allow.

Rockstar has not sold NFTs directly, but GTA Online’s roleplay servers encourage players to immerse themselves within the game’s world in order to creatively express themselves. As such, these servers have become home to activities that Rockstar would quite like to stamp out.

Rockstar specifically mentioned NFTs and cryptocurrency when addressing “commercial exploitation”, in which the developer stated that players are not allowed to sell loot boxes (for either in-game or real currency), sell other virtual currencies, or use cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Additionally, players are banned from generating revenues via “corporate sponsorships or in-game integrations.”

Other activities that will no longer be permitted on roleplay servers include the misuse of Rockstar Games’ trademarks, importing and misusing other IP (such as characters owned by other companies), making new games, stories, missions, or maps for GTA Online, and interfering with Rockstar’s official multiplayer or online services for GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

GTA Online
GTA Online. Credit: Rockstar Games

This isn’t the first time a developer has had to stamp out the use of NFTs in their game. Minecraft developer Mojang banned NFTs from the game back in July, arguing that “profiteering” and “models of scarcity and inclusion” have no place in the game.

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