Quentin Tarantino’s final film on its way as title is revealed

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly set to begin working on his final film, which has been given the title The Movie Critic.

According to sources at The Hollywood Reporter, the Pulp Fiction director is preparing to direct the film this autumn.

Details about the film’s plot are currently being kept under wraps, but sources have described the story as being set in the late 1970s with a female lead at its centre.

While it’s not been confirmed, that description suggests the film could potentially focus on Pauline Kael, one of the most influential movie critics of all time. Writing for The New Yorker between 1968 and 1991, Kael was known for her highly opinionated and brash reviews, and often got into heated arguments with editors and filmmakers.

In the late 1970s, she very briefly worked as a consultant for Paramount. The timing of that job would coincide with the script’s setting, while Tarantino is also known to be an admirer of the writer.

Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino at the British Academy Film Awards ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall on 2 February, 2020. CREDIT: Wiktor Szymanowicz/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Sources also tell The Hollywood Reporter that the film could be picked up by Sony, who distributed Tarantino’s Oscar-winning Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Tarantino has long maintained that he would retire after making his tenth film. The director has so far made nine films (if you count both Kill Bill volumes as one).

“I know film history and from here on in, filmmakers do not get better,” he said during an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher back in 2021. “Don Siegel – if he had quit his career in 1979, when he did Escape from Alcatraz, what a final film! What a mic drop. But he dribbles away with two more other ones, he doesn’t mean it.”

Tarantino also previously suggested that most directors have “horrible last movies” and that he perhaps should have finished with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Speaking with Elric Kane and Brian Saur on the Pure Cinema Podcast in 2021, the director said: “To actually end your career on a decent movie is rare. To end it with, like, a good movie is kind of phenomenal.”

“I mean, most directors’ last films are fucking lousy…maybe I should not make another movie because I could be really happy with dropping the mic,” he said, adding that Once Upon A Time In Hollywood would be a good finishing point for his career.

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