Listen to Everything But The Girl’s new song ‘Run A Red Light’

Everything But The Girl

Everything But The Girl have released their new single ‘Run A Red Light’ – check it out below.

The contemplative new track from the indie-electronica duo, comprising Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt, is the latest single from forthcoming new album ‘Fuse’ – their first in over two decades, out April 21 – and follows ‘Caution To The Wind’ and ‘Nothing Left To Lose’.

“I met a lot of characters during my years in clubland,” Watt said of the track in a statement, “and I wrote this song about the guy at the end of the night, who dreams his big moment is just around the corner. All the bravado and good intentions masking the vulnerability.”

Listen to ‘Run A Red Light’ and watch the video below.

The music video was directed Charlie Di Placido, who has worked with the likes of  Kojey Radical and Jungle, and made the band’s recent ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ video.

“The video is like a dream of the story,” added Thorn. “We’ve found with this record that choreography can express the emotion in our music without having to be too literal. The characters, the clothes, the movement, the direction all just fit. Charlie and his team really get the feelings we’re going for. It’s been a great collaboration.”

Watt also explained: “I used mixed technology in the production to lend character. The piano is a looped iPhone recording; the synth that follows the vocal is a live take on an analog EMS VCS3 which were first made in 1969.

“Tracey chose to sing super-close to the mic to add intimacy. Some vocals are untreated, some auto-tuned. And then at the end we let the music appear to evaporate. It all just seemed to suit the story.”

Everything But The Girl released 10 albums before they split in 2000, their last being 1999’s ‘Temperamental’.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, Watt said they “wanted to come back with something modern-sounding”, though Thorn added: “We’re not even going to try and describe the whole album. We’ve been shying away from telling it to people in words before they’ve heard it. We just want it to land and for people to decide for themselves what kind of record it is.”

On their decision to reunite last year, Watt said that they “didn’t really intend to make an album”. He added: “It wasn’t a pandemic album or a lockdown album – it just struck us that the time was right after 23 years of waiting.”

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