NFL Veteran J.J. Watt Praises Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: ‘She Crushed It’

A Swiftie is born! J.J. Watt was a lucky attendee at Taylor Swift‘s The Eras Tour on Saturday night (March 18) and took to social media the following day to share his thoughts on the show.


“44 Songs. 3 Hours and 15 Minutes. So much respect @taylorswift,” the former Houston Texans player captioned his tweet following the concert, which he attended with his wife, professional soccer player Kealia Ohai, and her friends. “When your fans pay for a ticket, they are getting their money’s worth and some. Touché.”

The football star added in a video: “I’ve got a few observations from the show. First off: unbelievable. The production, the set design, the video boards, the sound quality, the speakers — you can tell when somebody does something at the top of their game and is trying to do the right way for their fans.”

He went on to praise Swift’s unrelenting stamina during the 44-song set, saying, “She did not stop the whole time. There was no intermission. There was no halftime. There was no TV timeouts. The longest break she took was maybe three minutes for a costume change. And she was singing, dancing, entertaining the entire time — 70,000 people hanging on every single word and move she was making… And she crushed it. And she didn’t even look tired! I was tired and I was just sittin’ there!”

At the end of the video, Watt also revealed that he even copped some official Swiftie merch after being so impressed with Taylor and the “spectacle of it all.” The Eras Tour is set to continue this weekend with back-to-back shows in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium.

Watch Watt rave about Swift’s opening weekend performance below.

Glenn Rowley