Drake Showers DJ Khaled With Luxury Toilets for His 47th Birthday

DJ Khaled turned 47 on Saturday and got quite the birthday gift from Drake in the form of multiple — yes, multiple — luxury toilets.

“@champagnepapi real talk – my Queen and I been wanting this for our house!! thank u my brother!!” the hitmaker wrote in an Instagram Reel showing off the hygienic gifts. “Nahhh this No regular toilet 🚽 this that TOTO! Same model as the ones in the embassy…I LIKE WHAT DRAKE LIKE!! Love brother!! Thank you for the gift.”


According to Khaled’s effusive commentary in the video, the Toto toilets come complete with heated seats, a UV light cleaning system, air-refreshing deodorizers, a night light, operation via remote control and a bidet function (“The water, too, that splats up!”).

“If you’ve ever been to Drake’s house, you know Drake’s house is worth, like, 500 million dollars. So yes, Toto. It’s not about the money, it’s just about, he went and got the best of the best so he gifted us a few of these Toto toilet bowls and I’m hearing…I ain’t try it yet but I’m hearing there’s some music involved too, might play some music. Nah, real talk!” he raved. “Shout-out to Toto, Drake, thank you for this gift. This is the most amazing toilet bowl I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Khaled and Drake most recently collaborated on God Did single “Staying Alive” with Lil Baby, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also bounded its way to No. 1 on Billboard‘s Rhythmic Airplay, Hot Rap Songs and Streaming Songs charts in August.

Glenn Rowley