‘Marvel Snap’ is getting a PvP mode this year

Marvel Snap

There’s good news for the fans of the smash-hit Marvel Snap, as the game is due to let players play with their friends later this year.

That’s according to a spokesperson for the game who, speaking to The Washington Post, revealed that the friend-centric Battle Mode is coming to the game “this calendar year,” so there likely isn’t very long left to wait, as we head into November.

More information can be found on the game’s development roadmap, which describes the Battle Mode as a “totally new way to play” the game. Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode works a little differently to the Ranked mode, as the roadmap explains.

Unlike the game’s Ranked Mode, Battle Mode introduces a health system to the game. Players will have 10 life each, and the “winning player deals damage to their opponent equal to the stakes of the game.”

The new mode still makes use of the Snap mechanic, where players bet on their victory in order to gain more ranking points for defeating their opponent. In Battle Mode, players will snap for health instead of ranking points. As The Washington post explains it, if one player snaps and wins a game, they’ll deal four damage to their opponent.

Of course, now that players are competing against their friends, the alteration to the snap mechanic also prevents them from farming ranking points by colluding with their friend.

“We think Battle Mode is the best way to play against friends, or run community tournaments, because it provides a clear winner while still incorporating the snap mechanic,” said Second Dinner. “We can’t wait to see the community play in Battle Mode!”

Marvel Snap is a free card battler from developer Second Dinner, which sees players competing to take over three locations on a board, thereby earning cosmic cubes. The locations are randomised in each match, with other 50 locations to keep every game varied. The game is available for PC and mobile devices.

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