Another ‘Elden Ring’ datamine is pointing to a future DLC

Elden Ring

There’s yet more evidence that an Elden Ring DLC is on the way, with a dataminer discovering evidence of more bosses coming to the game.

That’s according to Twitter user Sekiro Dubi (via PC Gamer), who has previously uncovered cut quests from the game. According to Sekiro Dubi, the game’s files include numbers attributed to loot dropped by bosses once they’re killed. As can be seen in the screenshot below, a number of bosses from Elden Ring’s base game can be seen, such as Godrey, Mohg and The Red Wolf of Radagon.

What Sekiro Dubi points out, however, is that FromSoftware seems to have reserved 30 codes, from 9140-9169, have been left unused and has argued that they are being reserved for bosses in a future DLC.

As PC Gamer points out, while Sekiro Dubi Tweeted this after the game’s 1.07 update, these boss IDs have apparently been reserved since the game first released earlier this year.

Those 30 reserved slots don’t necessarily point to how many bosses will appear in a future DLC, however. As Sekiro Dubi notes: “It’s not a hard cap, they can literally add similar flags like these wherever they please. They just reserved 30 flag IDs for DLC boss stuff, they could also add bosses that don’t require those flags.”

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware.

This marks the second datamine that has pointed to a future DLC for Elden Ring. Back in October, dataminers Lance McDonald and Zullie The Witch uncovered evidence of new areas and potential ray tracing support in the game’s 1.07 patch.

Given FromSoftware’s treatment of its previous titles, an Elden Ring DLC is expected at some point. Every previous Soulsborne title has received a DLC (with the notable exception of Sekiro), and given the staggering success of Elden Ring, it seems inevitable that we’ll be returning to The Lands Between sometime in the future.

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