Madeline Edwards Signs With Warner Music Nashville

Singer-songwriter Madeline Edwards has signed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville, the company tells Billboard. The label will release her upcoming full-length project, Crashlanded, on Nov. 4.

“I’m very excited for this new venture with Warner and having a partner coming alongside that respects and sees my vision for the music,” says Edwards. “We’re about to go to the moon and it feels surreal.”

“Our team first met Madeline over Zoom and had no idea then what a force of nature and musical powerhouse she would be when we finally saw her in front of a crowd,” said WMN co-president Cris Lacy. “Her depth of character and her unique perspective is exactly what our genre needs right now.”

“Madeline is one of the most undeniable talents we’ve ever had the privilege of working with,” added WMN co-president Ben Kline. “I’m happy to welcome her into our label family and help amplify this incredible body of work.”

The deal marks the latest career-building milestone for Edwards, who earlier this year inked a publishing agreement with Sony Music Publishing Nashville and released her eponymous EP in June. She’s also been opening shows on Chris Stapleton‘s All-American Road Show Tour and made her Grand Ole Opry debut on Aug. 13.

Edwards is a member of the inaugural class of the 12-month Equal Access Development program, established by CMT and mtheory to provide access and training for Black, Native and Indigenous, Latino, LGBTQ+ and female artists and managers within the country music industry.

Today, Edwards releases the first song from Crashlanded, “Too Much of a Good Thing,” which she co-wrote with Ian Christian and Trannie Anderson. Edwards wrote the song the day after she found out she would be opening shows for Stapleton.

Madeline Edwards, 'Crashlanded"
Madeline Edwards, ‘Crashlanded”

“This song is everything I have felt over the last couple years and how grateful I feel for all of it,” says Edwards, who adds that Crashlanded is a perfect name for her upcoming project.

“Becoming a stronger person often means doing the hard thing and thinking differently than other people,” she says. “It can feel lonely and isolating, and oftentimes make you feel like an alien on your own planet. This album was my means of processing that and inviting the listener in to process it as well in hopes that not only I would come out of it a stronger person, but also my listeners as well.”

She adds, “This particular album may have been in the works over the last couple years, but for me to get to this point and put out this kind of body of work has taken almost a lifetime. I’m very excited for everyone to hear the stories, the musical influences, the time and the experience that has brought me to this moment. Crashlanded feels like my child.”

See the tracklist for Crashlanded below:

  1. “Crashlanded” (Madeline Edwards, Seth Mosley, Emily Weisband)
  2. “Spurs” (Madeline Edwards, Oscar Charles, Jessie Jo Dillon, Ryan Tyndell, Laura Veltz)
  3. “Mama, Dolly, Jesus” (Madeline Edwards, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz)
  4. “The Biggest Wheel” (Madeline Edwards, Morgan Nagler, Rob Persaud)
  5. “Forehead Kisses” (Madeline Edwards, Emily Landis, Jamie Moore)
  6. “The Wolves” (Madeline Edwards, Emma-Lee Doty, Gavin Slat)
  7. “How Strong I Am” (Madeline Edwards, Ross Copperman, Kate York)
  8. “Hold My Horses” (Madeline Edwards, Klare Essad, Joy Hanna)
  9. “Playground” (Madeline Edwards, Luke Dick, Laura Veltz)
  10. “Heavy” (Madeline Edwards, Luke Dick, Jessie Jo Dillon, Laura Veltz)
  11. “Why I’m Calling” (Madeline Edwards, Trannie Anderson, Seth Mosley)
  12. “Too Much of a Good Thing” (Madeline Edwards, Trannie Anderson, Ian Christian)

Jessica Nicholson