Lizzo appears to respond to Kanye West’s comments about her weight: “I’m minding my fat Black business”

Lizzo has appeared to respond to Kanye West‘s recent comments about her weight. “I’m minding my fat Black business,” she said at a gig this weekend.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Kanye said that what he believed was the promotion of obesity by social media companies was “demonic”.

“When Lizzo loses 10 pounds and announces it, the bots … on Instagram, they attack her losing weight, because the media wants to put out a perception that being overweight is the new goal when it’s actually unhealthy,” he told host Tucker Carlson.

At her Toronto show on Friday (October 7), Lizzo appeared to clap back against the comments, telling the crowd: “I feel like everybody in America got my motherfucking name in their motherfucking mouth for no motherfucking reason.

“I’m minding my fat Black beautiful business,” she added.

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Elsewhere in the Fox News interview, Kanye defended his choice of attire at this year’s Paris Fashion Week – a shirt emblazoned with the controversial slogan “White Lives Matter”, which has it roots in white supremacist movements.
He’s since faced significant backlash for his use of the phrase – an appropriation of the Black Lives Matter slogan used to protest racial injustice, discrimination and police brutality – with the likes of Jaden Smith and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, plus figureheads for Supreme and Vogue, taking issue with the stunt. He responded by doubling down, writing in a post on Instagram that the Black Lives Matter movement was a “scam”.

Asked outright why he wore the shirt to begin with, West offered: “I do certain things from a feeling. I just channel the energy. It just feels right. It’s using a gut instinct, connection with God and just brilliance – like [disgraced Olympic figure skater] Tonya Harding, how she did the triple flip or the triple spin; she was in so much practise that when it was time for her to skate in a competitive format, it just happened…”

This weekend, the rapper has also had both his Twitter and Instagram accounts locked following a series of antisemitic posts. A spokesperson from Twitter told BuzzFeed News that “the account in question has been locked due to a violation of Twitter’s policies”.

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