Lizzo Admits She Has a Secret Instagram Account During Hilarious Lie Detector Test: Watch

Lizzo sat down for Vanity Fair‘s Lie Detector Test on Tuesday, and the results were as amusing as you’d expect.

In contrast to the famous lyric in her breakout single “Truth Hurts,” the singer admitted she’s actually never taken a DNA test to determine if she’s really “100 percent that bi—,” as the song goes. (Though if she did, she’d be crossing her fingers to be related to Beyoncé despite her Detroit roots and Queen Bey hailing from Texas.)


However, when it comes to what it takes to actually be “100 percent that bi—,” Lizzo said, “I think it’s owning your identity and having autonomy of your body, and owning that. And of who you are and owning that. Having no shame in your motherf—ing game.”

Later in the interview, Lizzo hesitated to answer a question about whether she’s aiming for EGOT status now that she’s taken home her first Emmy for Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls (not to mention her three Grammys), saying, “See, you can’t spell EGOT without ‘ego,’ and I try to keep my ego out of my career and my purpose.”

Knowing she was hooked up to a polygraph machine, the “About Damn Time” singer was blatantly honest about how much time she spends on TikTok (“It’s a lot, it’s embarrassing”) and copped to having a secret Instagram account where she posts pictures with boyfriend Myke Wright, however she got caught in a lie about whether fans would be surprised with what’s on her TikTok “For You Page.”

In the section about her life, Lizzo revealed that she has, in fact, gotten apologies from former classmates who bullied her in high school for being a band geek. However, the apologies didn’t stop her from refusing to give the unnamed bullies free tickets to her show when they asked (“I feel like I should’ve said ‘yeah,’ but that would’ve been a lie”).

Watch Lizzo’s full Lie Detector Test segment below.

Glenn Rowley