BTS Gets Ready to Fly in Aerial Yoga Class for Special ‘Run BTS’ Episode: Watch

It’s finally here, BTS ARMY — the Bangtan Boys first teased their special yoga-themed Run BTS episode on Oct. 4, which featured members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jung Kook giving the aerial silks a try.

Though the K-pop stars were totally game in the teaser to experience a brand new challenge, the septet later ended up quickly struggling with nailing down the moves. Now, ARMY has the chance to see the episode in full — and all the hilarious shenanigans that ensued — in a video uploaded to BTS’ official YouTube on Tuesday (Oct. 11).

After being introduced to their instructor, who greeting the K-pop group by instantly launching to a pose above ground on the aerial silks, BTS gave him a round of applause — but not without gushing over their instructor’s physique and talents. Jimin, impressed with the elegant display, said, “He made a fantastic appearance!” Suga then enquired, “Did you make that body with flying yoga?”


Jin and RM then had their own questions, with the singer asking, “He probably worked out, right?” and the rapper adding, “What if he pumps a lot of metal at home?” The instructor assured the guys that aerial yoga acts as a full body workout, which RM concluded, “Those are muscles that are made in action!”

The rest of the episode sees the BTS members doing a lengthy stretching session, some members more successful at hitting the exercises than others, before giving actual aerial silk moves a try. All of the members struggled with at least one of the moves, but closer to the end of their class, the members had more stability and confidence. Sadly, fans will have to wait for the next episode to see how BTS makes it through the rest of the class.

The next part of “Fly BTS Fly” will first air through Weverse and VLive, and will later be available on YouTube. Watch the newest installment of Run BTS below.

Starr Bowenbank