Kwasi Kwarteng’s “we get it” speech compared to ‘Succession’ scene

Kwasi Kwarteng’s “we get it” speech has been compared to a memorable scene from the HBO series Succession.

On Monday (October 3), the Chancellor of the Exchequer said in a statement that “we get it and we have listened”, as he announced plans to scrap a controversial tax cut for those earning over £150,000 a year.

His statement, however, was soon mocked on social media, with many comparing it to a speech given by Sarah Snook’s character Shiv Roy in Succession.

In a season three episode of the hit show, Shiv used the phrase “we get it” while addressing Waystar Royco employees about a series of scandals that had hit the company.

“As a #Succession obsessive, I’m really enjoying the tories leading with “We get it” on the 45p tax rate climb down. Is @lucyprebblish writing the script for our government now?” wrote one person.

Another joked: “Does the UK government have the same PR advisers as Waystar Royco?”

“Wasn’t ‘we get it’ literally the slogan Waystar went with in Succession after it came out that they’d done a bunch of shady things? And then ‘we hear you’ after their version of Siri was spying on people?” added another.

The New Statesman’s also drew the comparison, writing: “‘We get it’ is the exact wording used in an episode of Succession, in which horrifyingly rich and powerful people at a media company skirt responsibility for corporate wrongdoing by coming up with a cuddly, relatable apology to dupe the public.”

Last month, fellow Succession star Brian Cox hinted that season four could be the show’s last, explaining that the cast and crew don’t want the series to “overstay its welcome”.

Previously, series writer Georgia Pritchett suggested that show would run for a maximum of four or five seasons, while creator Jesse Armstrong admitted that it shouldn’t “go on forever”. However, he added that they’re “still having fun at the moment”, suggesting they’re not done with Succession just yet.

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