How to watch ‘Minecraft’ Live 2022


Minecraft Live 2022 is taking place later today (October 15), and with a pre-show vote taking place, players will receive news of a new mob entering the game as well as other Minecraft news. Here’s how to watch it and what to expect.

Minecraft Live 2022 was announced in September via a trailer on the Minecraft Youtube channel. It’s set to take place Saturday October 15 at 5PM BST / 12PM EDT / 9AM PDT on Youtube and the Minecraft Live website. You can tune in on any device that supports Youtube such as phones, tablets, PCs and game consoles. Alongside the main stream, there are American Sign Language and Audio Description versions of the stream also available.

Ahead of the stream, there is a vote taking place to determine which new mob will be joining the game. Mojang is asking players to decide out of three options – the Rascal, the Sniffer and the Tuff Golem. The Rascal is a mine-dwelling mob that plays hide-and-seek with the player. Giving hints along the way, if the player finds it three times in a row they’ll receive an Enchanted Pickaxe. An enchanted pickaxe can be enhanced with a variety of enchantments with strong perks that will prove very helpful to the player’s Minecraft experience. It’s a valuable tool to have.

The Sniffer is all about helping the player find things. Resembling a small turtle, he can be found in-game by diving for sniffer eggs in underwater ruins. The Sniffer can find long-lost plant types and new seeds for the player to grow. Finally, the Tuff Golem is a very small mob that can hold items for the player. They can move around the base, find an item and return it to its original spot, which means they will be invaluable in Redstone builds.

To cast your vote, you need to head to the Minecraft website and click “live vote” under the mob you like best after logging in with your Microsoft account. Players can also open the Minecraft launcher and click on “Minecraft live” on the left before clicking “Vote Now!” and choosing their preferred mob, or they can log in to Minecraft Bedrock Edition and click the “Mob Vote” button which will take them to a carnival-themed map that allows vote casting and also brings up some mini-games to play. Mojang is providing free skins related to the vote which players can collect on the Minecraft website.

From the trailer it appears that Minecraft Dungeons could also make an appearance at this year’s Minecraft Live. This could include the likes of new enemies, areas or items, or all of the above.

With 2020’s Minecraft Live introducing the Caves and Cliffs update, and last year’s instalment bringing the Deep Dark biomes alongside Caves and Cliffs part 2 and the release date for The Wild update, which was added to the game back in June, it’s speculated that there is to be another big announcement for Minecraft at today’s Minecraft Live. There could be a part 2 for The Wild, or an overhaul of The End.

Minecraft. Credit: Mojang

Finally, the trailer shows the game’s various mobs and beasts travelling in linked minecarts through the world – could this mean the ability to link minecarts is on its way? The only way to find out will be watching the Minecraft Live 2022 stream later this afternoon (October 15).

In other news, despite its rocky launch, Overwatch 2 has seen over 25million players in its first 10 days.

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