Here’s what we know about ‘The White Lotus’ season two

The White Lotus season 2

If you enjoy observing the obscenities of your fellow man while chilling by the pool, The White Lotus is appointment viewing. Taking place over the span of a week, the show slowly unpicks the neuroses and insecurities among a group of wealthy white people holidaying at a picture-perfect Hawaiian resort. It sounds like a Big Brother reality experiment, but it’s played as a comedy-drama that boils with absurdity.

While it was originally intended as a miniseries, critical acclaim and high ratings have compelled HBO to continue the concept with a (mostly) fresh ensemble cast. With a whole new set of characters and another idyllic location to mangle, here’s what the next season of The White Lotus has in store beyond the infamous Pineapple Suite.

Latest updates

  • A full trailer has been released by HBO
  • The release date has been confirmed for October 30
  • Season two recently finished filming at Italy’s Lumina Studios, north of Rome – release date yet to be confirmed

What is the location and who is new to the cast for The White Lotus season two?

We’re heading to Italy

The second season spans seven episodes and swaps Hawaii for Sicily, Italy. The main connecting thread is that it takes place in another White Lotus resort, as you’d expect.

Filming took place at the San Domenico Palace in Taormina, along with other locations in and around Sicily. The shoot finished up at Lumina Studios, north of Rome.

In terms of new cast members, F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli and Adam DiMarco are set to play the Di Grasso family. There’s a new couple in Daphne and Cameron Babcock, played by Meghann Fahy and Theo James respectively, who are travelling with fellow couple Harper and Ethan Spiller, played by Aubrey Plaza and Will Sharpe.

Other new additions include Tom Hollander as Quentin, an English expat travelling with his friends and nephew. Beatrice Granno and Sabrina Impacciatore play local girls Mia and Valentina respectively, alongside Haley Lu Richardson as Portia, Simona Tabasco as Lucia, the manager of the Sicily resort, and Leo Woodall as hotel guest Jack.

Are there any returning cast members from the first season?

Look out for a couple of familiar faces

The White Lotus season 2
Jennifer Coolidge in ‘The White Lotus’ season 2 CREDIT: Fabio Lovino/Sky

In March this year, Jennifer Coolidge, who plays the troubled Tanya McQuoid, was confirmed to return for season two.

The only other confirmed returning member is Jon Gries as Greg, who was romantically involved with Tanya in the first season. His involvement was revealed in a HBO sizzle reel, which showed the character riding his bike with Tanya in Sicily.

Is there a trailer for The White Lotus season two?

A full trailer has arrived

HBO released a full trailer on October 6, showcasing the dynamics between the new characters and the return of Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid.

Does The White Lotus season two have a release date?


According to Variety, The White Lotus will officially return on October 30 in the US.

A UK release date has yet to be announced – but the first season premiered on Sky Atlantic and NOW a month after it aired in the US, so it’s likely the second will follow suit.

What can we expect in season two?

The unexpected

Executive producer David Bernad recently teased the second season won’t simply rehash the first in a different setting, promising that it will have its “own moral tale”.

“What I’m really proud of in season two is it’s a completely different idea,” Bernad told The Hollywood Reporter. “Season one is very specific to Hawaii. Season two is very specific to Sicily and the issues that are going on – the cultural, thematic ideas of Sicily are obviously much different than Hawaii. When you watch season two, there’s going to be no feeling of, ‘Oh, this is a retread.’

“It feels like its own moral tale, and has its own vibe. But it also feels in the same DNA. Cristobal [Tapia de Veer], the composer, is back, and it’ll feel connected spiritually, but it is its own complete idea. This is Mike’s brilliance.

“When you watch the first episode, you will have no idea where the show is going. I think it’ll have that same addictive quality. You’re going to want to find out where these characters are going, but you’ll never be able to predict. And Jennifer Coolidge, obviously, she’s the fucking greatest. She has a lot of amazing things to do in season two.”

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