Here Are the Lyrics to d4vd’s ‘Romantic Homicide’

d4vd‘s “Romantic Homicide” found viral success on TikTok, and became the 17-year-old’s first charting single, entering the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 77 and jumping to No. 45 the following week, and it has since cracked the top 10 on the Hot Alternative SongsHot Rock Songs and Hot Rock & Alternative Songs charts. 

“I literally just said, ‘I’m scared,'” d4vd previously told Billboard, referencing the song’s opening line. “All the words spiraled out subconsciously. I was like, ‘Yo, I got to write this down.’ Emotions were everywhere.”

If you need a guide to follow along with d4vd’s “Romantic Homicide,” find the lyrics below:

I’m scared, it feels like you don’t care
Enlighten me, my dear
Why am I still here? Oh
I don’t mean to be complacent with the decisions you made
But why? Oh

In the back of my mind you died
And I didn’t even cry
No, not a single tear

And I’m sick of waiting patiently
For someone that won’t even arrive

In the back of my mind I killed you
And I did not even regret it
I can’t believe I said it
But it’s true, I hate you

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Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Written by: David Anthony Burke

Rania Aniftos