Farina, Miky Woodz & More Weigh In on Controversy Over Reggaeton Lyrics for New ‘Cultura Clash’

Farina, Miky Woodz, Juhn and Dimelo Flow gathered to discuss reggaeton lyrics and the genre’s evolution in a new episode of Billboard’sCultura Clash” (watch above).

“Music doesn’t have rules. That’s the easiest way to put it,” Panamanian producer Dimelo Flow says. “You can make of music whatever you want.”

The four artists came together to bring to the forefront their thoughts on whether there’s a lack of depth in some Latin music, if artistry is missing in lyricism, and if some are underestimating the uniqueness of certain songs and genres. 

“Before it was a taboo to speak badly in the songs, and right now you have the No. 1 artist in the world, Bad Bunny, who speaks badly in all his music and makes them global,” former Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise Juhn notes. “It kind of doesn’t matter anymore. Back then, when albums and records were sold, the lyrics were more conservative, but not anymore.”

“If you are not a fan of my music, it is totally respectable, but you have to understand that we musicians are inevitable,” Colombian rapper Farina explains. “In my case, I had many examples when I was a child. I had drug-addict uncles. I heard a lot of music about drugs and stuff but I have no addictions. It’s about the education they give you [at home] and the examples they give you in your family.” 

“If you don’t want your kids to hear that type of music, don’t put it on,” Puerto Rican trap star Miky Woodz elaborates. “And even if you hide it from them, they will hear it. I prefer that they listen to it with me than to listen to it secretly. That depends on the trust you have in your children. But if mine have a question, they can ask me. Their dad is a reggaeton singer.” 

“We’re entering 2023. The times have changed. It’s something else now,” Juhn adds.

Now in its second season, Cultura Clash — hosted by Latin executive AJ Ramos — spotlights Latin artists and influencers who discuss trending topics within Latin culture and music. A new episode airs every Wednesday on Billboard.com, social media and Billboard‘s YouTube channel.  Watch this week’s episode above.

Jessica Roiz