‘Elden Ring’ dataminers find potential new DLC in latest patch

Elden Ring Malenia

Elden Ring dataminers Lance McDonald and Zullie The Witch have shared what appears to be evidence of potential new downloadable content (DLC) areas and ray tracing support in the game’s 1.07 patch.

Released this week, the new update, according to Bandai Namco, “brings balance adjustments to improve the stability of gameplay” while also introducing new changes to “spells, skills, incantations and weapons to encourage more versatility in terms of gameplay”.

As PC Gamer reports, Zullie shared a screenshot yesterday (October 13) of a level list for Elden Ring which includes the entry “m20_00_00_00: ???”, which could be the designation for a new DLC legacy dungeon.

“The IDs are m20 and m45,” Zullie explained on Twitter. “Notably, IDs can imply what kind of area a map is. M30 maps are side dungeons, m60 is the overworld, and the ‘main’ areas are currently m10 through m19, which means m20 could be a Legacy Dungeon. M45 is interesting because there are no maps in that range.”

McDonald, who also noted that “the update also includes references to two new maps that do not yet otherwise exist in the game data”, shared a screenshot yesterday of extracted menu text, which appears to be related to ray tracing features.

“Enabling ray tracing will lock performance settings to prioritize quality,” one line reads. “The ray tracing setting will only be applied after returning to the title menu.”

Last month, Bandai Namco Europe announced that it had set up a music label for gaming soundtracks.

The company, who released the soundtrack to Elden Ring on streaming services in September, said in a statement: “Since the first videogames and all throughout the history of the industry, music has always been a core component of the gaming experience.

“Music made the games’ memories last longer and followed the players into their daily lives with amazing soundtracks to go back to and relive the stories they played.”

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