EA app to replace Origin launcher after two years of development

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Electronic Arts announced in 2020 that its Origin launcher was undergoing an update and rebrand as the EA app. That has been in development for over two years but has finally come out of open beta, and users will begin to be invited to upgrade.

In a blog post on its website, EA announced that the Origin platform, which has existed as EA’s primary game launcher for over 10 years, is about to be replaced with the EA app as it comes out of open beta.

Described as EA’s “fasted and lightest PC client to date”, the EA app has a “new streamlined design” to enable players to “easily find the games and content” they need as well as providing a way to “discover your new favourite games”. The client features automatic game downloads and background updates in order to “ensure that your games are ready to play when you are”.

The EA app enables connections so that an “ultimate” friends list can be built, consisting of friends on other platforms and services such as Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. Players will receive a “custom unique ID” so that they are “easily recognisable” as well as being able to see what their friends list is playing.

FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.
FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.

For users on the Origin platform, EA will be “inviting” them to move over to the EA app soon, as well as ensuring that by the time their invite is received, “all” games and content will be on the app waiting. Local and cloud saves will transfer to the new app, as well as Origin friends lists.

For those too impatient to wait for the invite, the EA app can be downloaded right from the blog post. Simply run the installer, and it’ll replace Origin during the installation process.

The new EA app is currently only available for Windows, with Mac users forced to continue using the Origin for Mac program for now. It’s unclear whether a version of the EA app for Mac is on the way or not.

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