Chicago house pioneer Jesse Saunders hospitalised after “major stroke”

Jesse Saunders

Chicago house pioneer Jesse Saunders has been hospitalised after suffering a “major stroke”.

The Chosen Few DJs, which Saunders is a member of, took to Instagram to make a statement about his hospitalisation.

They wrote: “We have to sadly share some difficult news and ask for your prayers and support. Our brother Jesse Saunders has suffered a major stroke and is currently hospitalized in the Las Vegas area.

“Jesse will likely be facing a long and difficult rehab, and will need the love and support of the house music community to which he has given much. Please keep Jesse in your prayers. Thank you.”

According to Mixmag, Saunders created the very first house record with ‘On And On’ along with Vince Lawrence in 1984, at the start of the Chicago movement.

Other notable tracks from the DJ included ‘Funk U Up’, ‘Real Love’, ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ and ‘Dum Dum’.

He also opened his own nightclub Playground after being exposed to the Chicago scene through the music of the late Frankie Knuckles.

Before that, the Chosen Few DJs were founded by Wayne Williams in 1977 with Saunders, Tony Hatchett, Alan King and Andre Hatchett, who were part of the first wave of DJs and producers in Chicago who created the sound that became known as house music.

The group became a seven in 2006, with the addition of Terry Hunter and with Mike Dunn in 2012.

Following Saunders’ admission to hospital, comedian Sterling Tyson wished the rapper a speedy recovery and said: “Sending prayers out to DJ Jesse Saunders of Chosen Few Djs.”

Mixmag also sent their respects, adding: “Get well soon Jesse Saunders.”

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