Catherine Zeta-Jones: “I had the chops to be a female Bond”

Catherine Zeta-Jones Addams Morticia Bond

Catherine Zeta-Jones has said she would have been keen to play a female Bond.

The actor called the role “the one that got away” since the franchise’s producers have since said that the next actor to play James Bond would be a man.

“I had the chops to be a female Bond,” Zeta-Jones said in a new interview with The Telegraph.

“For many years I was Bond material. Actually, I used to dream of being a female spy when I was a kid – if I didn’t make it as an actress.”

She added: “Then, later, I had big aspirations [to do both]. And this was before there was even a female Doctor Who.”

Earlier this year, No Time To Die star Ana De Armas said she doesn’t think a woman should play the next Bond.

“There’s no need for a female Bond,” de Armas recently told The Sun. “There shouldn’t be any need to steal someone else’s character, you know, to take over.

“This is a novel, and it leads into this world and this fantasy of that universe where he’s at.”

She continued: “What I would like is that the female roles in the Bond films, even though Bond will continue to be a man, are brought to life in a different way.

“That they’re given a more substantial part and recognition. That’s what I think is more interesting than flipping things.”

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Ella Kemp