BTS Test Toys & Choose Useless Superpowers in New Episode of ‘Run BTS’

BTS dropped a special episode of their variety web series Run BTS on Tuesday (Nov. 29).

In the nearly 40-minute episode, the K-pop idols take turns hosting their own variety segments while their bandmates chime in with commentary via a shared chatroom.


J-Hope kicked off the proceedings with a silly and absurd round of reviewing toys, starting with — ahem — a pooping pink flamingo. (Don’t worry, “If you are eating right now, please stop right now!!!” flashed onscreen as a hilarious warning before the bird did its business on the accompanying toy toilet.)

“I pooped, I pooped,” the flamingo chirped in its animatronic voice as the boy band members cheered on its, uh, success. Thankfully J-Hope eventually moved on to play with a miniature hair salon, a magic vase that grows a flower when you add water and a child’s play washing machine — though the flamingo stuck around as Hobi’s mascot for the remainder of his segment.

After watching V nearly hit a 300-meter drive in a game of virtual golf, RM took over to host a rapid-fire game of “Ideal Type World Cup,” in which he chose between random, useless superpowers with help from his fellow Bangtan Boys.

Some of the options included becoming the cutest person in the room in any gathering (“It’s like that even now? That’s not a superpower,” Suga argued hilariously), being invisible for five minutes but people can still see your clothes, and constantly flying seven centimeters above the ground. However, the superpower that eventually won the group’s consensus was the ability to rewind time by seven seconds.

While RM will be unveiling his debut album Indigo on Friday (Dec. 2), Jin is reportedly set to become the first member of BTS to begin his mandatory military service in South Korea next month.

Watch the latest episode of Run BTS below.

Glenn Rowley