BLAKELOGANX Isn’t Afraid of Coloring Out Of The Lines : New Moves and Music

Talent always finds its way through the noise of a competitive industry, and for Blake Orris, also known as BLAKELOGANX, cutting through the saturation is exactly what he’s been doing this past year. The 19-year-old is living his dreams and entertaining the world with his multiple endeavours while growing his fanbase on social media. The Florida-born musician has worked hard for years, built connections, and is prepared to make his mark within the music world. It’s evident that the artist’s skills go hand in hand with the tech, social and digital platforms that have also played a vital role in establishing his presence online.

The young multi-talented artist has fortified his presence within the American Music Industry. His day starts and ends with music creation, and he loves to practice for long hours and create memorable music which connects with his followers. The road to success for BLAKELOGANX wasn’t an easy one. He had to hustle hard and go through the grind earlier in his life to break into the music scene. Not being afraid of failure or learning new things, BLAKELOGANX’s positive attitude has taken him on a long journey in the music world in his youth, where his peers didn’t realize his initial talent to pursue a career and establish himself where he is today.

Looking at his discography, BLAKELOGANX’S tracks have been striking the right chord in the hearts of fans worldwide. His latest record like “No Games” has resonated with his audience and is an honest reflection of where he’s headed creatively this past season. His profound knowledge of music, art, and introspection is seen in his performances, and it’s undeniable that he’ll continue to multiply his presence within progressive music culture.

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