Berlin’s iconic Berghain club rumoured to be closing down

the exterior of the Berghain nightclub in Berlin

Berlin’s Berghain nightclub is rumoured to be permanently closing by the end of this year.

The legendary establishment, which was founded in 2004, is one of the most famous clubs globally and has been called the “world capital of techno”. It currently employs 250 people and has dozens of residents, per Mixmag.

As Faze Magazine reports, the recent closure of Berghain’s in-house record label and booking agency, Ostgut Ton, has led to speculation over the future of the venue.

The German outlet cites an unnamed source who claims “Berghain is closing forever”, and that its “final end” will come at some point in 2022 (translated to English by Google).

“One of the founders has already been paid out and is said to be staying in the countryside in Brandenburg. The others simply ‘don’t feel like it’ anymore and have other life plans in mind.”

According to Faze, Berghain is not likely to be taken over by another nightlife organisation upon its closure: “Continuing to exist as an art location does not appear to be an option. And so this chapter should finally be closed.”

The Berghain club temporarily operated as an art gallery during the COVID pandemic. It was forced to close in March 2020 when the coronavirus first took hold.

The current owners have not yet commented on the speculation.

In 2016, Berghain came under threat from a ‘family entertainment district’ development plan. The venue was struck by lightning during an event later that same year.

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