Bae Suzy to release new single ‘Cape’ this week

bae suzy new single cape

Bae Suzy is set to release new music in the form of a new digital single this week.

In an Instagram post earlier today (October 3), Suzy announced that she will be releasing a new single titled ‘Cape’ on October 6. According to a report by South Korean media outlet Herald Pop, the song was co-written and produced by the idol.

‘Cape’ will mark Suzy’s second solo release for the year, following the release of digital single ‘Satellite’ seven months ago. That single marked Bae’s first music project in roughly four years, since her 2018 solo mini-album ‘Faces Of Love’.

Apart from ‘Satellite’, Bae also featured in the music video for Psy’s ‘Celeb’, a cut from his ninth full-length album ‘Psy 9th’. Although ‘Celeb’ and its music video first premiered in-person during Psy’s ‘Summer Swag 2019’ concert, the track’s inclusion in the album marks its official release.

Suzy first made her debut in the now-disbanded JYP Entertainment girl group Miss A in 2010, alongside Fei, Jia and Min. The quartet debuted with the single ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’, before releasing two studio albums, three mini-albums and a number of singles throughout their seven-year career.

Following Miss A’s disbandment, Bae has largely focused on her acting career. To date, she has starred in a number of acclaimed K-drama series, such as Start-Up, Vagabond and While You Were Sleeping, among others. Her recent acting work includes being the lead in Coupang Play’s psychological thriller drama, Anna.

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