Zachary Levi addresses his future as Shazam amid James Gunn’s DC shake-up

Zachary Levi Shazam

Zachary Levi has debunked rumours that the role of Shazam will be recast following James Gunn and Peter Safran’s shake-up at DC Studios.

The actor, who reprises the role in upcoming sequel Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, addressed speculation he would be dropped after Henry Cavill was axed as Superman.

Posting on Twitter in response to a concerned fan, Levi wrote: “Oooh, I really wouldn’t go believing everything you see on the internet. I’m Gucci, Ash. We all Gucci.”

Gunn and Safran were appointed the new co-CEOs at DC Studios in October, which has led to Cavill’s departure as Superman and Wonder Woman 3 being put on hold.

Most recently, Dwayne Johnson confirmed there are no plans for a sequel to Black Adam in the pair’s “first chapter” of DC.

“James Gunn and I connected, and Black Adam will not be in [DC Studios’] first chapter of storytelling,” Johnson wrote in a statement. “However, DC and Seven Bucks have agreed to continue exploring the most valuable ways Black Adam can be utilised in future DC multiverse chapters.

“James and I have known each other for years and have always rooted for each other to succeed. It’s no different now, and I will always root for DC (and Marvel) to win and win big.”

Gunn recently responded to backlash around some of the decisions, saying a “certain minority of people online” had been “uproarious and unkind”.

“Our choices for the DCU are based upon what we believe is best for the story and best for the DC characters who have been around for nearly 85 years,” Gunn wrote. “Perhaps these choices are great, perhaps not, but they are made with sincere hearts and integrity and always with story in mind.”

He added: “We were aware there would be a period of turbulence when we took this gig, and we knew we would sometimes have to make difficult and not-so-obvious choices, especially in the wake of the fractious nature of what came before us.

“But this means little to us in comparison to our jobs as artists and custodians in helping create a wide and wonderful future for DC.”

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods is released in cinemas on March 17, 2023.

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