YouTube’s most viewed music videos of 2022 revealed

two side by side images of Bad Boy Chiller Crew (left) and Dave (right) performing live on-stage

YouTube has revealed the UK’s top music videos of the year, with Dave and Bad Boy Chiller Crew leading the way.

The visuals for Dave’s 2022 single ‘Starlight’ came in at Number One on the Top 10 list, having racked up more than 37.7millon views globally on the platform.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s ‘BMW (French The Kid, MIST, Bugzy Malone Remix)’ occupies the Number Two spot with 19million worldwide streams to date.

Harry Styes‘ ‘As It Was’ is the UK’s third biggest music video of the past 12 months, followed by Burna Boy‘s ‘Last Last’ (Number Four), Aitch and Ashanti‘s ‘Baby’ (Number Five) and Diane Guerrero and Stephanie Beatriz’ ‘What Else Can I Do? from Disney’s Encanto (Number Six).

The remaining four positions are held by Bru-C’s ‘No Excuses’, Digga D and StillBrickin’s ‘Pump 101’, Hazey’s ‘Packs And Potions’, and ArrDee’s Come & Go, respectively.

For the first time in 12 years, the YouTube Top 10 features eight homegrown UK artists, with drill and rap dominating the list.

YouTube’s top music videos of 2022 in the UK are as follows:

01. Dave – ‘Starlight
02. Bad Boy Chiller Crew – ‘BMW’ (French The Kid, MIST, Bugzy Malone Remix)
03. Harry Styles – ‘As It Was’
04. Burna Boy – ‘Last Last’
05. Aitch, Ashanti – ‘Baby’
06. Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz – ‘What Else Can I Do?’ (from Encanto)
07. Bru-C – ‘No Excuses’
08. Digga D X StillBrickin – ‘Pump 101’
09. HAZEY – ‘Packs And Potions’

10. ArrDee – ‘Come & Go’


The streaming site also noted how the run-down has more of a “geographical spread” than in previous years, representing “the devolution of talent” from across the country.

Additionally, YouTube said that collaborations between acts are helping to “drive consumption” on the platform.

In other streaming news, Spotify Wrapped 2022 launched yesterday (November 30) – revealing the most streamed artists and songs in the UK and worldwide. The feature also allows users to see personalised break-downs of their listening habits over the past 12 months.

Apple Music subscribers, meanwhile, can get in on the end-of-year action with the platform’s top songs of 2022 list.

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