Which Song on Stray Kids’ ‘MAXIDENT’ Is Your All-Time Favorite? Vote!

Stray Kids dropped their latest EP MAXIDENT earlier this month, and it’s no accident that the project has rocketed straight to No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

MAXIDENT is the boy band’s first follow-up to fellow No. 1 Oddinary in March, and now that STAY have had 10 full days to devour the EP’s eight tracks, we want to know which song you’re shouting, “1,4,3, I love you!” about the most!


The Korean-language mini-album kicks off with hit single “CASE 143,” which has had fans swooning over Changbin asking “Can I be your boyfriend” ever since it was released as the lead track the same day the full EP dropped.

However, there’s so much more to MAXIDENT than just its opening banger. Do you prefer the classic, piano-driven pop and universal lyrics of “CHILL” or are you ready to overshare the glitch-hop of “Give Me Your TMI”? Do the octet’s “zoom” and “nyuan” sound effects on “SUPER BOARD” set your heart, well, flying “high into the sky” as Bang Chan croons on the chorus?

On the back half of the album, Stray Kids’ eight members split into sub-groups focused on production (Bang Chan, Changin and Han), dance/performance (Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix) and vocals (youngest members — or maknaes — Seungmin, I.N). Is the production trio’s self-referential “3RACHA” the track you can’t stop playing on repeat? Are you singing along to the vocal duo’s “Can’t Stop”? Or are you counting down the days until you can see “TASTE” performed live?

Then there’s closing track “CIRCUS,” the official Korean version of the single the group released in Japanese off their J-pop EP of the same name earlier this year. Does the song’s translation into Korean make you love it that much more?

Find our critic’s ranking of every song on MAXIDENT, and then vote in Billboard‘s poll below.

Glenn Rowley