Which Dream Latin Collab Would You Like to See in 2023?

For the past three years, Billboard‘s Latin editors have put together a list of dream Latin collaborations they’d like to see happen in the new year. Not all of them come true, some have, but the plausible pairings are based on the artists’ similarities, their sonic evolution and/or past collaborations.

This year, our diverse (and ambitious) list of collabs we’d like to see happen in 2023 include a team up between power couple Christian Nodal and Cazzu. For this dreamy collab, we imagine them steering away from rancheras and urban, and instead dropping a romantic rock song.

On our wish list is also Shakira and Feid because it’d be ideal for Shak to join forces with one of Colombia’s “it” guys. Not only would their vocals be an interesting blend, but we can picture this track as a bonafide reggaetón jam about finding empowerment and strength after a heartbreak. 

A long overdue collaboration that fans have been patiently waiting for is a song between Dominican artists and bachateros Romeo Santos and Prince Royce. Neither have hinted at a collab together but it’s not improbable. Both have been supportive of each other’s careers — and even Royce joined Santos at his Yankee Stadium concert in 2014 where they stunned the crowd with a rare performance of Santos’ “Odio,” where Royce performed Drake’s part of the track.

The possibilities are endless but for now, we’ll stick with our nine dream Latin collaborations for 2023. Below, vote for whichever dream Latin collab you’d like to see happen this year. Or, add your own answer if you come up with another potential pairing.

Griselda Flores