What is Fiesta Bresh? Everything to Know About The ‘Most Beautiful Party in the World’

On June 24, 2016, the first-ever Fiesta Bresh was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a party collective that in the span of six years has earned its name as “la fiesta mas linda del mundo” (the most beautiful party in the world). Bresh — which closed the 2022 Billboard Latin Music Week with an electrifying event at The Oasis in Miami — has since expanded from a local party in Argentina to an international event.  

“It became something innovative, a party that toured the country as if it were an artist,” Alejandro “Broder” Saporiti, artistic director, tells Billboard. “Suddenly, it was part of festival lineups, and then we started having collaborations with the artistic community and with record labels.” 

A year later, the initiative that began with a group of friends counted on the support of stellar guests including Tini, Paulo Londra, Lit Killah, WOS, and Duki, to name a few — who would not only attend the party, but also do impromptu performances for fans.

But beyond becoming a “traveling party” that plays the biggest reggaetón, Latin pop, and old-school hits, Fiesta Bresh is an inclusive, safe space for the party lover. 

“With our nightlight experience in Buenos Aires, we never found a space where we felt identified and comfortable,” Saporiti recalls. “The experience was always a bit traumatic, because you go out with your friends, they don’t accept you at the door, or you’re not dressed for the occasion — or suddenly, you don’t connect with the music, or the people inside are a little tense. These were some of the obstacles that distanced us from the clubbing scene. Bresh was born because we’re fans of concerts, parties, and DJs, and we wanted to create an enjoyable and comfortable space for all.” 

As Bresh grew locally thanks to its social media and word-of-mouth strategies, Saporiti assures that the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was the best thing to happen to the project. They hosted Instagram Lives every Saturday, each going viral and garnering over 80K connected fans, and ultimately began working with brands and sponsorships.

“This allowed us not only to consolidate ourselves with our experience in Argentina but also to reach many territories where we could not reach before,” he explains. 

Now, Bresh counts with the collective effort of over 200 employees and presence in 13 countries including the United States, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Japan, and Italy, to name a few. Its star-studded guest list has also expanded to the likes of Rauw Alejandro, Anuel AA, Danna Paola, Anitta, and many more. 

“It’s a unique experience,” Saporiti expresses. “A space that accepts all people, that welcomes everyone and tries to maintain beautiful values. We try to have a very clean image. What matters here is meeting people and the enjoyment of music.” 

Up next, Fiesta Bresh plans to explore new markets including Mexico, Los Angeles, and Chile, with the “mission of celebrating worldwide.”

Jessica Roiz