‘Westworld’ cancelled by HBO despite season five plans

Ed Harris in 'Westworld' season 4

Westworld has been cancelled by HBO, despite plans for a fifth season.

The news comes shortly after season four of the sci-fi series premiered, and creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy had shared ideas for a fifth and final season.

“We always planned for a fifth and final season,” Nolan had told Deadline. “We are still in conversations with the network. We very much hope to make them.”

Joy had added: “Jonah and I have always had an ending in mind that we hope to reach. We have not quite reached it yet.”
HBO broke the news today (November 4) of Westworld‘s cancellation, saying in a statement obtained by the Hollywood Reporter: “Over the past four seasons, Lisa and Jonah have taken viewers on a mind-bending odyssey, raising the bar at every step.
“We are tremendously grateful to them, along with their immensely talented cast, producers and crew, and all of our partners at Kilter Films, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television. It’s been a thrill to join them on this journey.”

Kiltner Films, who produce Westworld, added: “Making Westworld has been one of the highlights of our careers. We are deeply grateful to our extraordinary cast and crew for creating these indelible characters and brilliant worlds.
“We’ve been privileged to tell these stories about the future of consciousness – both human and beyond – in the brief window of time before our AI overlords forbid us from doing so.”
In a three-star review of season fourNME wrote: “At this point, even with a new trick or two, Westworld is unlikely to win any new fans. Still, there are some violent delights to be had if you don’t think too hard about the plot.”

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