Weezer share new song ‘I Want A Dog’ from ‘Sznz: Winter’ EP


Weezer have shared a new preview of their upcoming ‘Sznz: Winter’ EP – listen to ‘I Want A Dog’ below.

The band will release the fourth and final instalment of their seasonal records for 2022 to mark the Winter Solstice on December 21.

Last year, the band laid out plans to put out a monolithic four albums in 2022, which they dubbed the ‘Seasons’ saga. Each of the project’s albums – which then took the form of shorter EPs – are being released on the first day of every season.

‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’, which opened the series, were released in March and June respectively, before ‘Autumn’ arrived in September. Each EP of the four-part series corresponds to its namesake season, while also representing different eras in the band’s history.

Listen to ‘I Want A Dog’, the first teaser of the ‘Winter’ EP, below.

Elsewhere, Weezer recently responded to a recent billboard stunt by buying one of their own, and leaving a message for the owners of the other billboard.

As reported in the Salt Lake City Tribune, social media creator Cory Hunter Winn purchased a billboard back in June that displayed Weezer’s name.

Winn co-owns a clothing store, Lucca, that sells shirts featuring the band but according to reports, he and his business partners are huge fans of the band and wanted to do something to pay homage to the band – hence buying the billboard.

Then, another billboard was purchased nearby which read: “Thanks to whoever bought the billboard down the road. – Weezer.”

While Weezer haven’t yet officially confirmed whether or not they bought the billboard, they did post images of both billboards on social media, captioning the post: “How it started vs how it’s going.”

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