Watch nine-year-old Maya Neelakantan thunder through Tool songs in new medley

Maya Neelakantan

A nine-year-old girl has shared a video of herself thundering through a medley of Tool songs – on a guitar  gifted to her by Adam Jones.

Similar to music prodigy Nandi Bushell, Neelakantan was gifted a Gibson Les Paul by Adam Jones after she was spotted by the musician earlier this year.

Neelakantan played a 15 song Tool medley on the guitar, playing parts of ‘Intension’, ‘Vicarious’, ‘7empest’, ‘Right in Two’, ‘Invincible’, ‘Lost Keys’, ‘The Patient’, ‘Pneuma’, ‘Descending’, ‘Pushit’, ‘Eon Blue Apocalypse’, ‘Third Eye’, ‘Wings for Marie’, and ‘Parabol/Parabola.’

Check out the clip in full here:

In a description accompanying the clip, Neelakantan wrote: “What I like the most in this is how each song connects nicely to the next one and it’s not random!

“This is a completely thought out video and I had such a blast with it! … I just love everything that Adam Jones does! This video only explored the clean (without distortion) melodies that he created and I can’t wait to explore everything else even more!”

Meanwhile, last month, Nandi Bushell shared a video jamming with her younger brother to Rage Against The Machine‘s 1992 classic ‘Killing In The Name’.

Bushell posted the cover on Sunday to Twitter and Instagram. In it, the 12-year-old wunderkind shreds on guitar while younger brother Thomas plays drums. “A family that Rages together, stays together!” Bushell wrote on social media when sharing their rendition.

She went on to say that she had been teaching Thomas about “all the greatest rock and metal bands”, and that Rage Against the Machine were at the top of the list. Tagging RATM’s Tom Morello and Brad Wilk, she added: “You guys are awesome! Thomas is really getting good!”

Some of Bushell’s covers this year have included renditions of Ed Sheeran and Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘Bad Habits’Jimi Hendrix‘s ‘Little Wing’ and John Coltrane‘s ‘Mr P.C.’ She also joined Foo Fighters onstage at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in London earlier this year, accompanying them to play ‘Learn To Fly’.

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