Watch Mike Shinoda unbox Linkin Park’s expansive new ‘Meteora’ 20th anniversary box-set

Mike Shinoda

Linkin Park have shared footage of Mike Shinoda unboxing the upcoming ‘Meteora’ 20th anniversary box set – which is set for release later this year.

The five-minute video was shared to the band’s YouTube channel yesterday, and saw the founding member unwrapping the super deluxe edition for the first time.

The limited-edition release will arrive on April 7 and was designed to commemorate 20 years since the release of the band’s iconic second album. As explained in the footage, the list of items included fills the entire back of the box, and consists of numerous previously unreleased rarities recorded from that era.

Five LPs are included, including a copy of the ‘Meteora’ album, a debut release of the band performing in Texas, and previously unreleased footage from a 2003 show in Nottingham. In addition, concerts in Seoul, Manila and Denver are all delivered in a DVD format.

According to Shinoda, the box-set will contain approximately 75 minutes of extended and never-before-seen footage. This applies to the other rarities, including a variety of previously-unreleased songs like ‘Lost’, ‘Fighting Myself’ and ‘More The Victim’.

New artwork, stencils, stickers and a 40-page book are also featured, as well as a mysterious QR code that Shinoda teases will reveal “something special” when scanned.

“We put a lot of love into collecting all this stuff and polishing it up for you guys,” he concluded at the end of the video, laying out all of the contents in front of him. “I hope you enjoy it.”

The Linkin Park ‘Meteora’ 20th Anniversary Edition Super Deluxe Box set is priced at £192.99 and available now for pre-order on the band’s website.

Last week, the Linkin Park co-founder released a new solo single entitled ‘In My Head’. Unveiled on Friday, the song features Kailee Morgue on vocals and was featured as part of the official Scream VI soundtrack.

Additionally, the musician also spoke how Linkin Park were the first band to pull a prank on Metallica. His story revealed how back in 2003, the band supposedly went on-stage during Metallica’s set and had a picnic while the thrash band were performing their iconic track ‘Master Of Puppets’.

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