Watch BABYMONSTER cover Rosé’s ‘Gone’ on ‘Last Evaluation’

babymonster last evaluation

The second episode of Last Evaluation, an online series by YG Entertainment that will decide the line-up of new K-pop group BABYMONSTER, has been released.

The episode picks up where the previous one left off, and opens with the performance of Rosé‘s solo song ‘Gone’, as covered by trainees Ahyeon, Ruka and Pharita.

Their version of the track was positively received by the judges, which included WINNER members Hoony and Yoon, AKMU‘s Lee Su-hyun and YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-suk.

Notably, Hoony gave special mention to Pharita, who said that her voice gave him “goosebumps”. Meanwhile, Lee complimented Ahyeon’s harmonisation skills: “It got me thinking that she’s capable of being part of a group”.

Elsewhere in the episode, the second group from BABYMONSTER – comprising Haram, Asa, Chiquita and Rora – were assigned ‘Stay’ by BLACKPINK to perform.

The quartet are later joined by Lee in the practice room as they rehearse their upcoming performance. She gives them some sage advice about relating to the song: “A teenager can’t express what people in their 20s go through… it’s simply copying [the emotions]. People who listen to it don’t want ‘copying’.”

During a separate practice session with all seven members of BABYMONSTER, BLACKPINK’s Jennie makes an appearance as the mentor, giving the rookies a lesson on how to connect with an audience.

A teaser for the next episode of ‘Last Evaluation’ shows Haram, Asa, Chiquita and Rora getting to perform ‘Stay’ live for the first time. The next episode of the online series is set to be released on March 24.

Earlier this month, Yang told the seven trainees that BABYMONSTER “will never be a seven-member group” in a teaser for ‘Last Evaluation’. However, he did not specify how many members will make the final line-up of the group.

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