Watch Ariana Grande’s surprise appearance on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande made a surprise appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race last night (January 6) – check out the footage below.

Kicking off the show, Ariana Grande took to the runway dressed as former Drag Race star Ornacia, before apparently struggling to unmask herself. Grande then surprised the first eight contestants of season 15 with a dramatic reveal. “Mother has arrived,” she announced.

Grande was a guest judge for the entire episode, and when asked by RuPaul himself how excited she was, Grande replied: “My pussy is on fire.”

“I love being here so much, I’m having an out of body experience,” she added.

Following her appearance on Drag Race, Grande’s fans have been sharing their favourite moments on social media – check them out below.


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During the show, Grande also teased her upcoming role as Glinda The Good in the Hollywood adaption of Broadway megahit Wicked.


Speaking on companion show Untucked!, Grande described her appearance on Drag Race as “the most important day of my life”. She went on to talk about her connection to drag: “It’s an accumulation of everything. It’s the most demanding artform. You have to do everything. You’re funny, you’re gorgeous, you’re thoughtful. It’s everything in a blender that makes people happy.”

She was then asked about dealing with life in the spotlight. “One of the hardest things you’ll face is knowing what deserves your energy and what doesn’t. Deciding what to take in, and what not to. There are going to be some obstacles and people and energies thrown at you, and it’s about protecting yourself as much as possible. It’s hard work, but you’ll find the balance,” she encouraged.

Last year, Ariana Grande pledged £1.24million to fight back against anti-transgender legislation in partnership with Pledge.

“Please join me in donating to this fundraiser which will provide critical funds to organisations advocating for the rights of trans youth in states currently targeted by anti-trans policies,” she added.

Grande last released new music back in 2021, with the Kid Cudi joint single ‘Just Look Up’, taken from the soundtrack for Netflix film Don’t Look Up. 

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