“Vomit-inducing” slasher ‘Terrifier 2’ is being submitted for an Oscar to troll the Academy

Art the Clown from Terrifier 2

The “vomit-inducing” horror film Terrifier 2 is being submitted for an Oscar.

Damien Leone’s slasher film is being nominated for one of Hollywood’s highest honours in a fan-driven campaign. The ultra-violent unrated film about a killer clown has been a hit with fans of gore, and now Bloody Disgusting is throwing its weight behind the film.

In a statement, film producer and website co-founder, Brad Miska, said: “Let’s make some more noise. Let’s see how many members of the Academy we can get to pay attention to a horror movie that precisely none of them would ever watch on their own.”

The horror fan and filmmaker called the film the “most vomit-inducing movie since The Exorcist”, and went on to admit that the nomination was an attempt to troll the Academy.

“Yes, it’s a total goof,” he wrote on the website. “But you know what? The thought of having members of the Academy endure an extreme unrated horror movie that they would otherwise consider beneath them? That’s just too hilarious of an opportunity to pass up.”

Miska added: “Tag @TheAcademy on Twitter with the hashtag #OscarsForArt to take part in our fan-driven – and completely and utterly not serious at all – Oscar campaign for Terrifier 2!” The site even produced a YouTube hype trailer for the campaign.

Terrifier 2
‘Terrifier 2’ has been making audience members vomit from its gore. CREDIT: Alamy

The film is a sequel to 2016’s Terrifier which saw the feature-length debut of Art the Clown, a sadistic murderous clown. The gore-soaked film relies on violence, shock, and blood as the clown attempts to kidnap three women – killing anyone who gets in his way.

The sequel, just released this year at Fright Fest (29 August), sees more of the same action which made Terrifier such a hit with fans. The movie has been an unexpected success for director Damien Leone. Terrifier 2 has caused audience members to pass out and vomit.

Terrifier 2 is now available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK.

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