‘V Rising’ is getting new DLC and going free to play for Halloween

V Rising. Credit: Stunlock Studios.

To help you get into the spirit of the season, Stunlock Studios’ survival game V Rising is going free to play this Halloween.

From October 28 until November 1, V Rising will be free to play – a free weekend that comes a day after the game becomes playable on GeForce Now.

To further help you get into the Halloween spirit, Stunlock Studios has also released a Halloween-themed downloadable content (DLC) for V Rising, which is available right now. The Haunted Nights Castle Pack adds a host of spooky decorations for your vampiric castles, including some suitably creepy lights as well as some new wallpapers, stained glass windows and other items.

The update also adds a new preset for PvE and PvP servers called Mad Hunt, which randomises the locations of all V Blood units, V Blood Abilities and V Blood Technologies.

Stunlock Studios has put certain limits in place in order to ensure that progression is still possible (and not frustrating), but is otherwise describing it as a whole new way to play the game.

V Rising. Credit: Stunlock Studios.
V Rising. Credit: Stunlock Studios.

The update has also made a number of balance adjustments to spells and weapons, as well as some fixes and changes to “support a healthier endgame castle-raiding environment.” This includes reducing standard raid time from a six hour window to a four hour window, which should hopefully make it easier for players to defend their territory.

Full details about the update can be found on Steam.

Earlier this year, NME spoke to V Rising developer Jeremy Fielding after the game sold a million copies in its first week of Early Access. Speaking to NME, Fielding expanded a little on what he hopes to see in the game’s future.

“If there’s one thing I really want to see expand on more is I want to see raiding, more developed and with more variety,” said Fielding. “I think what we’ve got right now is really interesting, but man, just the idea of these huge epic raids, sounds super fun – like Castlevania season four!”

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