Two fans paid $40,000 each to smoke weed and learn pottery with Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

Two Seth Rogen fans have paid $40,000 (£35,182) each to smoke weed and learn pottery with the actor.

The purchase was made at an auction organised by Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen during their annual Hilarity for Charity event, which raises funds for Alzheimer’s awareness and care giver support.

Held on Saturday (October 1), the event featured guest appearances from some of the biggest names in music and film, with John Mayer being one of those to perform.

Speaking about the fundraiser, Rogen joked (via LadBible): “Ten years we’ve been doing this. I’m still a famous person, that’s nice! This whole thing could have come crashing down, but no.”

As well a weed-smoking session with Rogen, there were plenty of other experiences up for sale in the auction.

One person paid $26,000 (£22,839) for them and five of their friends to receive a cooking lesson from Momofuku chef David Chang (as seen on the Netflix food show Ugly Delicious), while another paid $24,000 (£21,082) for a skateboarding lesson for four with Tony Hawke.

Mayer himself also auctioned off a signed guitar, as well as a private virtual concert, which set someone back $26,000 (£22,839).

Overall, the event raised $860,000 (£755,471) for the charity.

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen. CREDIT: Getty Images

Earlier this month, Rogen and Miller Rogen met with politicians in Washington to discuss their non-profit charity, and the need for more funding for brain research and home-based care.

“We just want to really make sure that moving forward, there is some sort of plan to address the great need that this country has in terms of care,” Miller Rogen told Variety in a recent interview.

Rogen added: “Washington is in a strange place right now, but it’s always encouraging to see that there are people working in the government that actually have this as a priority. As many as there aren’t, there are many who are so it’s somewhat encouraging.”

Also in the interview, the couple recalled the time Snoop Dogg auctioned off a blunt on stage for $10,000 (£8,770).

Earlier this year, the rapper revealed that he had given his personal blunt roller a pay rise to account for inflation.

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