Twitter will now let you see how many people have viewed your tweets

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has said that the platform is set to roll out a View Count feature.

Users will soon be able to see how many people have seen their tweets, information that they have previously only been able to see when they have shared videos to the platform. A timeline for the roll out has not yet been provided.

Musk confirmed the addition of a View Count feature in a tweet earlier today (December 22). The feature is designed to show “how much more alive Twitter is than it may seem”. According to Musk, over 90% of Twitter users read a tweet without liking, commenting on or retweeting it.

The addition of a View Count is the latest of a plethora of changes the Tesla tycoon has introduced to the platform since taking over as CEO in October. Musk has revamped the Twitter Blue subscription, in which users can get a blue verification tick as well as access to new features (such as an edit button) before anyone else, for £8 a month. He has also introduced grey ticks for official government accounts, while company accounts get a gold tick.

In addition, earlier this month Musk said that the limit on the length of tweets will rise from 280 characters to 4,000. It has not yet been announced when the change will be implemented.

However, Musk’s days as the shot-caller at Twitter may well be numbered after he announced that he is intending to step down as CEO when he has found someone who can take over. He intends to stay on at the company, but will just head up the software and server teams. He conducted a poll asking Twitter users whether or not he should step down and said he would abide by the result – 57 per cent voted ‘yes’.

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