Tove Lo Talks Fears of Losing Herself, Body Image on New Album ‘Dirt Femme’: Watch

Tove Lo released new album Dirt Femme on Oct. 14 via her independent label, Pretty Swede Records, and to support the album, the Swedish singer sat down with Billboard News to talk about how the record plays into her idea of femininity and the LGBTQ community and more.

The 34-year explains that the album discusses her “fears of losing myself” in addition to femininity. “I had this feeling when I was out of my record deal I didn’t have any music out really, I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t feeling inspired and then I got married so now I’m living this life at home. I’m not being an artist,” she said. “‘So now, what’s going to happen? I’m going to stop music and we’re just going to be married? Move out to the suburbs, have kids? I’m going to be around boring straight couples?’ I guess I just had all those feelings.”

At the same time, Tove Lo — who is married to music producer and creative director Charlie Twaddle — never wanted to feel bad about embracing that side of herself. “But then I was also like, ‘What’s so wrong with that, though?’ So many people want that life, to have family and security. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I think we’d be a bit more comfortable in ourselves and there would be less hate,” she added.

In her interview with Billboard News, she revealed that she was most excited for fans to hear “Grapefruit.” The star shared that the Dirt Femme track was a rather personal one for her to release, as it discusses her struggles with body image as a young girl.

“I wasn’t sure if i was going to put it out, because I was like, ‘Am I ready to be vulnerable in yet another way?’ I haven’t really touched on my body issues before,” the Grammy-nominated singer said. “Even my friends when I played the song for them before it was out, they were like, ‘I would have never guessed, you’re so confident. You’re so much about body positivity.’ And I’m kinda like, ‘Yeah, it’s because I went through an eating disorder as a teenager.’ I think I worked so hard on getting better and I did so much body positivity training for my mind, going to therapy and all the steps, so I love my body even more than if I hadn’t gone through it.”

Watch Tove Lo’s interview with Billboard News above.

Starr Bowenbank