Tim Clark Is Ready To Take You On A “Dream Walk” With Hypnotic New Single

With over two decades of experience as a DJ, Tim Clark has sharpened his skills and abilities in the music realm to perfection. Tim’s track record in the music industry is filled with impressive feats. His diverse background in EDM has led to signing with globally-renowned label Warner Music Group and sharing the cover of Las Vegas Magazine with superstar Katy Perry. Adding to these accomplishments, there has been no shortage of growth for Tim in 2022. His hit singles “Can’t Sing” and “Wake Up” were dropped earlier this year, displaying the successful path that Tim continues to follow.

Now, he’s back with a hypnotic future rave single “Dream Walk” that may just be his best yet. Chilling robotic female vocals weave throughout each breakdown, speaking of restoring the earth to light, as extraterrestrial effects feed off of each other, building into a thrilling drop that may just launch you out of the stratosphere into this dreamy world Tim has created.

“Inspired by the transition from a dystopian society, to a world that’s free and truly creative… That’s the Dream, and the journey that we aspire to walk.” – Tim Clark

Listen below!

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